About Connecting IRL

Unleashing the power of authentic connections

Creating authentic connections changes the world. Discover the Authentic Connections Method™ and join us as we help you unleash the power of authentic connections.

By helping you create your own story, listen with respect, and live with authenticity, we provide you with practical tools and skills to authentically connect with others even in today’s digital world.

Susan Lanier-Graham

Susan Lanier-Graham is an award-winning author, speaker, trainer, and consultant. She is an adventurer. She is a storyteller. She seeks to listen to others and fully experience life around her and how others perceive their world. Susan seeks to share her story, to tell others’ stories, and to create OUR story with a sense of empathy. 

Susan combines her love of travel with her passion for inspiring and transforming lives, sharing stories of ways to connect in this complicated digital world. She helps others find their personal brand stories, develop the art of storytelling, and develop the skills necessary to connect in authentic ways. Through her Authentic Connections Method™, Susan offers a transformative experience, helping others connect to increase productivity and improve their lives. 

For more about Susan’s travel and writing background, be sure to explore Wander With Wonder. Have questions? Email Susan for more information. 

William (Bill) Graham

Bill Graham is a true leader. He has built high-performing teams across a wide variety of industries and environments. He does this through building trusting relationships and encouraging a culture of mutual respect. 

Bill’s teams have included diverse groups—students, artists, technicians, and professionals. He has led groups in a variety of settings from the casual atmosphere of the Renaissance Festival to a tightly controlled assembly line and in industries from the military to airlines to hospitality. 

Bill has a passion for sharing his knowledge and experiences and helping others build great teams. He is looking forward to understanding your unique needs and helping you achieve your best. If you want to arrange a consultation, email Bill for more information.

Why Connecting IRL

Over the years, Bill and Susan took different paths, that would merge at times. They would work together, and then their paths would diverge.

Susan worked to find experiences, to connect with people, and to bring those together in ways that connected her readers.

Bill worked in a variety of industries—manufacturing, education, hospitality, government, and transportation. He helped people connect, enabling him to build high-performing teams and deliver superior products and services.

Despite their different industries and approaches, the common core for both was to create lasting connections. Authenticity is the only option. They developed the Authentic Connections Method™ to help others unleash the power of authentic connections. By helping you create your unique Declaration of Authenticity™ they help you find the best ways to share who you are, what motivates you, and why you do what you do in an authentic way. With authenticity, you can connect with almost anyone. 

Please contact us today to schedule your complimentary 30-minute session so we can help you start to brainstorm how to create your own Declaration of Authenticity™. 

Susan teaches executives and managers how to leverage real world connections to improve relationships, authentically tell a brand story and ultimately increase productivity and ROI. Susan is an engaging speaker who easily holds an audience’s attention by bringing her message to life through the art of storytelling.

Dena Roché

Entrepreneur & Content Marketing/PR

I am loving the behind the scenes things happening in synchronicity with this workshop. Just loving the workshop—so much gold!

Erena Oliver

Relationship Coach