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Pitching Anyone: Making Authentic Connections in the Digital Age

The writing world has changed. Learn to change the way you pitch your ideas. Come from a place of creating connections with editors, brands, and public relations experts. Discover ways to turn real-world connections into growth for your writing business. Stop blindly pitching and selling, Inspire others and create a new way to pitch and grow.

Interviews: Connecting with Others on Phone, Online & IRL

The best stories happen when you authentically connect with others. When you interview someone, you have minutes rather than weeks, months, or years to create a connection. Explore ways to make real connections when you interview someone, giving your readers better stories and making lifelong connections.

Google That Sh*t: Finding and Verifying Anything Online

You have an awesome responsibility when you share your words with an audience. Your words matter. In a world overwhelmed by data, it is essential to know how to research a topic, verify information, and judge the credibility of sources. With these few simple techniques, you can uncover the power of research and share your message with integrity.

Building a Real Sense of Place: Connections Help Develop Your Fiction Writing

Create stories that transport your readers anywhere in the world. While anyone can research a location on Google, it takes a storyteller to experience a location and share it in an authentic way as part of your bigger story. Discover ways to travel and explore with an eye toward developing your story and sharing a genuine sense of place.

Using Digital Tools to Better Connect

Digital tools are an important part of a writer's life, especially in today's digital world. Learning to use digital tools to manage your freelance business is imperative. Learn to use Dropbox, Evernote, Google, OneDrive, transcription apps, social media apps, and more. Discover ways to balance this digital life with your real life to ensure you maintain authentic connections, but learn to work effeciently.

Storytelling: Learn to Connect through Stories

What is your story? Learn to authentically connect and be vulnerable through the stories you share. Find ways to connect heart and soul, embrace your differences, and communicate your authentic self. By telling a dynamic story of your unique experience, you can learn to connect with others in a way that builds trust and authority.

Heart-Centered Pitching: Making Real-World Connections to Grow Your Business

As a business owner, executive, or freelancer, you pitch your business, your brand, yourself almost daily. Change the way you approach others and discover how to truly connect with others to grow your business. When you connect on a deep level, you no longer have to spend your life blindly pitching and selling. Discover how to develop your business through inspiration and authentic connection.

Connecting in Times of Crisis

In times of crisis, it helps to be able to connect with someone else. Illness. Grief. Natural disasters. Addiction. Trauma. Having real-world connections and a sense of community can change your world and your outcome. Learn to connect in times of crisis, even when that connection must be online.

7 Most Catastrophic Press Trip Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Today's writers, bloggers, and influencers must show reach and a return on investment. When you develop personal relationships, making deep and authentic connections with PR representatives and industry experts, those connections can help you find the best stories to tell your readers. Discover what not to do—and what positive steps you can take—to ensure your press trip experiences help you, your readers, and the brands.

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