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Connecting with Local Partners: Building Authentic Brands Together

When all of the partners come together to surround themselves with positive energy and share ideas, it creates a powerful force. Learn to work within the overall destination brand while building individual brands. Learn to make community connections to grow your destination and individual businesses.

Connecting with Others to Build Your Brand

To have a successful brand, you must have a story that connects you to your customers and your audience. Part of your story is the colors, the logo, the way you relate to your audience, and even the people you hire. But connecting requires more. Authentically connecting is about demonstrating your values and building trust. Learn how to find meaningful bonds and create lasting connections as part of your brand destination.

7 Most Catastrophic Press Trip Mistakes & How Connections Can Help You Avoid Them

You must show reach and a return on investment, but how do you navigate today's world of writers, bloggers, and influencers? When you develop personal relationships, those connections can help you find the best outlets and new ways of telling the stories for your destination. Discover what not to do—and what you can do—to ensure your press trips help showcase your brands and your destination.

Creating Your Own Connection Story

When you tell a compelling story, you connect through emotions and energy. When you tell a great, authentic story, you create a connection to others. Everyone can learn to tell a story. Learn to create your own 90-second to 3-minute story that helps others relate authentically to your destination.

Making Real-World Connections in the Digital Age

Discover ways to turn real-world connections into growth for your destination and maximize those connections in today's digital age. When you connect on a deep level, you inspire others to help you share your destination and your brand.

Connecting Through Digital Channels

Learn to connect and inspire using today's digital tools, building loyalty and finding new customers in authentic ways. Explore ways to leverage your brand to build trust with your audience and authentically tell your destination story.

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