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We can build off something customized based on these topics or create a topic for your specific audience needs. We also offer self-guided, online courses for general interest and business. 

Creating Your Own Connection Story

When you tell a compelling story, you connect through emotions. Creating a connection to another is more important today than ever. Create your own 90-second to 3-minute story that helps others relate to the authentic you.

Connecting with Others to Build Your Brand

To have a successful brand, you must tell your story to connect you to your audience. Connecting to others help you frame your strategy, build trust, and share your values. Learn how to find meaningful bonds and create lasting part of your brand.

Listening to Really Hear: Active Listening in the Digital Age

Develop active listening techniques to help you connect with others. Learn tools for actively listening, even when it is a digital interaction. When you begin to hear others, it can build lasting trust and truly transform lives.

Successful Remote Work Strategies for Maintaining Connections

Examine the best remote work techniques that help keep you connected in the digital age. Includes Preparing for Online Work; Overcoming Problems with Remote Work; and Successful Online Work Strategies.

Storytelling: Learn to Authentically Connect

Stories link us to each other. Telling authentic stories helps you build trust with your audience, your team members, and others in your life. Learn storytelling skills that you can apply in your business and in your personal life.

Separating Real Life from Online Life

We spend enormous amounts of time online, but there must be a balance between digital life and real life. When we understand boundaries, and learn to apply them in the digital world, we can find more balance in our lives and make authentic connections.

Using Digital Tools to Help You Authentically Connect Online

Digital tools are an important part of our lives today. We must learn to connect with—and in spite of—those digital tools. Learn to create your authentic self on social media, with video conferencing tools, using collaborative tools, and more. Learn how—and where—to share your vulnerabilities to build confidence and trust.

Having Difficult Conversations: Connecting Despite Our Differences

It is often difficult to connect when it matters most—when a conversation is contentious and when the outcome can have significant consequences. It is at times such as these that connecting is more important. Learn how to connect and those "crucial conversations" to relate to others, despite our differences.

Real-World Connections in the Digital Age

Connect with others, open your heart, and find your authentic life. Connecting with others helps make you feel a part of something bigger, giving you the ability to expand your life, find balance, and feel joy. Developing authentic connections transforms your life and helps build trust with others.

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