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Even in a world of being constantly online, often showing the most intimate details of our daily lives, we still find authentic connections elusive. People find themselves lonely, not knowing who to trust, and feeling as if they don’t have a sense of belonging. Learn to truly connect and avoid isolation. Feeling connected helps us become better people.

Online courses help you learn to connect with others. We offer specialty courses for business owners, managers, the tourism industry, and writers/bloggers. Let us help you get unstuck and transform your life in the digital world. Be sure to check out our downloadable products here.

Grammar Refresher for Writers & Bloggers

Grammar provides meaning to our language. When you convey your messages in writing—for example when you write blog posts, advertising copy, or articles—you must rely on using proper English grammar. This 5-part refresher course ensures that you convey the messages the way you intend.

Use Storytelling in Social Media to Transform Your Brand

Storytelling in social media is a powerful too you can use to help you build your business. One of the best ways to share your authentic self is by telling a story. In this course, we explore ways to use storytelling in social media. We examine Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Creating Pins That Tell A Story + Convert

Pinterest is the world's largest discovery tool. People come to Pinterest to find things to do, something new to try, or figure out what to buy. They want to connect with you. Learn to create pins that tell your story. This is an authentic way to attract readers and convert them into loyal customers.

Email us to arrange a one-on-one consultation or to have us help you create a specific course. Now is the time to celebrate your personal brand story and create authentic connections. 

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